• 2 July 2013


    20 hours of swimming lessons organized by the Socio-Cultural Association of the Germans in the Silesia Province (DFK), branch in Kolonowskie took place from 5th September 2012 to 22nd February 2013. 21 pupils who attend classes I-IV from Public Primary School No 1 in Kolonowskie participated in these lessons. Children were divided into 2 groups: for beginners and intermediate swimmers. The course was conducted by swimming instructors: Ms Weronika Jędros and Mr Paweł Maliniak. From the whole group 5 young participants of this course obtained swimming certificates. 

  • 27 June 2013


    On 16th June the Socio-Cultural Association of the Germans in the Silesia Province, branch in Kolonowskie organized a meeting on the Mother’s and Father’s Day. Children from the Kindergarten gave wonderful appearance, singing songs for mums among others. Sonia Szydłowska recited a poem in German. Parents listened attentively to their offspring with emotion. After performance all participants spent a pleasant afternoon talking and eating small refreshment.

  • 19 June 2013


    On 3-7 June 2013 a group of pupils from Beilrode visited Kolonowskie commune. This visit took place within the framework of the youth exchange between pupils of our lower secondary school and pupils from Mittelschule Beilrode (Saxony, Germany). The partnership between these schools are cultivated since 2003. This time, we had 13 pupils and 2 tutors as the guests.

    Despite bad weather, our guests had many attractions. They visited Kraków. Oświęcim, Opole and our Regional Chamber in Kolonowskie. They played skittles, were in Jurapark in Krasiejów and went to the swimming pool in Olesno. Young people felt very well among Polish friends. They integrated themselves with our pupils. A farewell was difficult but there are plans for another visit.

  • 15 June 2013


    On 11th June 63 members of Polish Association of Pensioners and Disabled Persons in Kolonowskie celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Like every year, they first participated in the Holy Mass that took place in Zameczek (the Castle). Later they met at the canoe landing stage “Amazonka”. The hosts took care of that the rain did not spoil the meeting.

  • 14 June 2013


    tymbark.jpeg On 29th May pupils who attend classes I-III from Public Primary School No 1 in Kolonowskie, took part in the district final of the Tournament “From the yard to the stadium” competing for the Cup of Tymbark. Children had to fight with four primary schools from Kielcza, Leśnica, Olszowa and Izbicko. The game was fair and our children were playing very good. In the end, our team achieved 3rd place in the district final.

    In the tournament from Kolonowskie played: B. Janus, A. Kampa, A. Kotyś, M. Krupa, M. Kurczyk, O. Sprancel, K. Smyk, G. Świerczok, Ł. Tymich, W. Wacławczyk, M. Muc.

  • 6 June 2013


    On 27th May 2013 21 children from the Kindergarten Branch of Public Primary School Staniszcze Małe-Spórok participated in lessons organized by the Austrian Library in Opole. This trip was aimed at developing an attitude of tolerance towards multiculturalism, among others. The purpose of this organized lessons was also understanding contents presented in the German language. Children had the opportunity to learn about library resources and find out how this institution works. They listened to a fairy tale by popular Silesian writer – Mr Janosch and then they could draw things connected with the story.

    Visit in the Austrian Library contributed to formulation of a reflection on coexistence of Silesian, Polish and German culture in the social reality. 

  • 3 June 2013

    THE 15TH MEIS CONFERENCE IN BRNO, 24-05.05.2013
    A group of thirteen retirees from association in Kolonowskie accompanied Mr Robert Piątek in the 15th Meis Conference in Brno. During the tour seniors visited the botanical gardens and the arboretum situated in the gardens of Mendel University in Brno. In greenhouses they admired tropical orchids from the territory of Central and South America and also orchids from Southeast Asia. Great interest among the visitors aroused iris flowers – they are unique. Each participant could buy these plants and have them in private garden.

    The garden, that was visited by retirees, is mainly used for teaching students of Mendel University and other schools. It has been cooperating with Middle-European Iris Society since many years. It is open to the public only five times a year.      

  • 3 June 2013


    Such observations was made by group of fifteen retirees from association  in Kolonowskie that on 28th May visited ELTETE-POLSKA Sp. z o.o. This company has been operating on the territory of Kolonowskie since January 1996. It was founded in cooperation with Finnish company, initially employing only 3 people. Currently, the company employs 30 people.

    Our active seniors got to know history of the company better, found out about their markets and what they produce. They are proud of the fact that sanitary cabins produced in Kolonowskie are mounted among others in the National Stadium. Great interest among the visitors aroused playgrounds and information that you can buy selected elements mobilized to even more detailed questions.

  • 3 June 2013


    On Sunday – 2nd June the Dance Group “Figielek” – like every year – took part in the Voivodship Dance Group Review FANTAN in Opole. At this year’s review our group together with the choreographer – Ms Alicja Iwańska prepared choreography called “By the wild shore of deep water”. In a dance contest that took place in the city centre of Opole were presented 43 groups from all over the voivodship, more than 500 young dancers.

    The teams, divided into dance and age groups, presented very high level. Our communal “Figielek” was unrivalled in the category “show dance” and took first place. CONGRATULATIONS ! 

  • 29 May 2013


    DSC03456.jpeg The Stoczek’s Cup Cross Country Races is a long tradition cultivated in Staniszcze Małe. Every year this sports event attracts more numerous group of participants. This time the event was attended by 190 participants from primary schools (Staniszcze Małe-Spórok, Staniszcze Wielkie-Kolonowskie 3, Krasiejów) and secondary schools in Kolonowskie and Kielcza. Each participant received an occasional badge and refreshment (water + sandwiches). The winners received diplomas, medals, cups and small gifts funded by Kolonowskie Commune.

    Special thanks the organizers give to Cooperative Bank in Zawadzkie, firefighters from the local fire brigade and ladies who prepared food and drinks.


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