• 27 May 2013


    On Monday – 20th May in Public Primary School No 1 in Kolonowskie, we had the honour of hosting famous Silesian writer and journalist – Mr Marek Szołtysek. Mr Marek was trying to shed light on history and culture of Silesia. When the youngest participants started to behave noisily, Mr Szołtysek opened his large suitcase and began to remove toys that children used to play with in this region. He talked about each toy: what it is made of and how it was done, showed how to play old games. His stories and show was very interesting for young viewers. After the meeting, children stood in a queue for autographs.

    The meeting was organized by Library in Kolonowskie.

  • 27 May 2013



    On Thursday – 16th May in the village community centre in Staniszcze Wielkie took place the announced art workshop “Gift for Mum”. During classes each participant had the possibility to prepare an original handmade gift for his mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day. With the help of Mrs from the community centre and a sewing machine children prepared from the remnants of material lovely hearts – little pillows that can be used by each mum as a decoration, cuddly toy or pincushion.  

    Such “lovely heart straight from the heart” will surely gladden every Mum :)

  • 8 April 2013



    Retirees from the Polish Association Of Pensioners And Disabled Persons in Kolonowskie met at the reporting meeting in Spórok where were invited by members of the group from this locality. Thanks to this visit seniors could see the seat of the Rural Activity Centre in Spórok and its environment. Some people got sentimental while reminiscing about primary school that was located in this building to the year 2002.

    Attendance at the meeting was large: for 124 members, 63 were present. The meeting was attended by invited guests: Mayor of Kolonowskie – Norbert Koston and delegates of the District Administration in Strzelce Opolskie – Stanisław Dłutowski and Józefa Balikowska.

    A report on activities for the year 2012 was presented during the meeting. There were also brought up subjects close to each inhabitants, among others: issues connected with new Act On Waste Disposal.

    The great cake for all attendees was prepared by ladies from Spórok: Krystyna Deja, Róża Grobarek, Irena Koik, Małgorzata Palus, Krystyna Sprancel and Maria Szolc. In the preparation of auditorium helped: Małgorzata Chlebosz and Edyta Gerlich.

  • 21 February 2012

    Our company is the best

    On Saturday – 18th February in the Centre of Culture in Strzelce Opolskie, once again the Gala Lauri took place during which the prizes in the contest: The Best Product of the County 2011 were given away.

  • 14 February 2012

    Valentine’s darts tournament

    On Sunday – 12 February 2012 in the community centre in Staniszcze Wielkie took place a darts tournament. To the competition for the title of a Darts Champion entered 12 competitors aged 11-21.

  • 14 February 2012

    Carnival meeting of pensioners

    Polish Association of Retirees Pensioners and Disabled in Kolonowskie organized on 09 February 2012 the carnival meeting in Staniszcze Małe. It all began at the initiative of members of the Association living in Staniszcze Małe… They, in consultation with the village administrator – Mr Edward Kunysz and activists of Village Renewal, invited all to them.

  • 13 February 2012

    Late but sincere !

    Grandparents Day falls in January. In this year it fell out during winter holidays. However, pupils of the first class of a primary school PSP Staniszcze Wielkie – Kolonowskie 3 were eager to entertain their grandparents.

  • 7 February 2012

    Continued community centre holidays

    In the second week of winter holidays, within the framework of the action “Holidays in the community centre”, on Friday – 27th January took place a Table Tennis Tournament.

  • 30 January 2012

    Events in the village community centres !

    This year’s winter holidays came to an end. Children who did not go on the winter camps willingly spent their free time in the village community centre in Staniszcze Małe. In accordance with the announcement in the first week of holidays except widely available games like scrabble, jenga checkers and sport games such floorball, tennis and darts, children participated in group art activities.

  • 16 January 2012

    Communal carolling for the 17th time !

    On Sunday – 15th January Communal Festival of Christmas Carols took place. This time the event was held in a succursal church in Spórok – it is because from the very beginning of the transitory nature, it means it is organized every year in another church of our community.


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