Lokalizacja     Kolonowskie is located at the borderline of Opole and Silesian Province, 35 km from Opole and 80 km from Katowice. The railway junction in Fosowskie located near the provincial road no. 463 is of the national importance: it connects southern Poland with Germany and Ukraine as it situated 25 km from the A4 motorway.

The Kolonowskie region includes the Services and Industry Development Zone where PACKPROFIL, KOPGARD, PAHER, ELTETE and KOLB companies already run their business and prepare commencement of production in new facilities.  The commune can provide potential investors with 8 hectares of land, allocated for industry and service development. It also helps in finding investment areas, which are used by local companies: among others, over 10 hectares of such areas are located in the immediate vicinity of the railway junction and the provincial road. 

Wastewater treatment and sanitary sewage system plant will be completed in 2005 and it will be connected to the Services and Industry Development Zone. In 2004, THÜGA will supply our investment areas with gas. PERI, a foreign consortium, has already noticed our merits. In December 2002, PERI opened its production plant in Kolonowskie. Apart from the local companies in Kolonowskie, there are six joint venture companies that made use of the conditions favouring development here – four of them come from Germany and the other – from Finland.lokalizacja2.jpeg

Thanks to the discovery of the reptile and amphibian remains (including some dinosaur species) from over 320 million years before at the borderline of Krasiejów (Ozimek Province) and Staniszcze Małe (Kolonowskie), there are great development opportunities for tourism. This is the greatest archaeological discovery in Europe; hence it brings about growing interest of scientists and media. Consequently, it gives grounds for development of tourism. In Kolonowskie and other towns of the commune, several areas have been selected for tourism, including 3.5 hectares of land near the planned DINO-PARK in Krasiejów.

The Kolonowskie Commune is very competitive in respect of the prices of real estates, allocated for industry and service development. For new investors, we offer real property tax allowances for the period of five years.


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