Services and Industry Development Zone

Kolonowskie is a small municipality and 70% of its area is covered by forests, making an excellent opportunity for active recreation. On its territory is a dense network of cycling tracks allowing to visit the most interesting places of the area and – thanks to the connection with nationwide routes – reach various interesting parts of Silesia and the whole country. The wealth of commune is also the Mała Panew River that riverbed is in great measure unregulated. As a result, it retains its natural character becoming paradise for lovers of canoeing.   

Natural resources are not the only advantages of our commune. Because we were able to create harmony between the preservation of natural resources and the development of services and industry, creating convenient and reconcilable conditions for development.

The municipality offers to interested investors plots with a total area of 2,5 hectares at a very attractive price (30-40 zloty/m2). These plots are covered by the current local spatial development plan and improved with utilities with the following specifications:

  • Electricity – 15 kV (2 MV) with the possibility of two accesses to electrical power,
  • Gas – 1200 m3/h,
  • Water – 860 m3 /24 h,
  • Sewage system – 180 m3 /24 h,
  • Phone/the Internet,

It should be also emphasized that the great advantage of plots is their near distance from the A4 motorway (30 km – motorway junctions in Olszowa and Nogawczyce) and railway lines running through the commune: Wrocław – Warszawa; Opole – Tarnowskie Góry (plots are located in the immediate vicinity of the railway junction). In addition, a small distance from the Wroclaw Agglomeration and the Upper Silesian Industrial Region makes the location of the municipality really attractive.

Potential investor can be also interested in the fact that Kolonowskie Commune has extensive experience in the field of carrying out the procedure of environmental impact. Also important are: the presence of (within 20 km) 3 urban centers with the number of inhabitants more than 10.000 people, high schools and technical universities that guarantee finding suitably qualified workforce.    

Towards new investors we apply property tax relief for a period of 5 years. Gradation of reliefs is as follows:

  • 1st  year – 100% tax relief
  • 2nd  and 3rd  year – 50% tax relief
  • 4th  and 5th year – 25% tax relief

Our activities for economic development have been noticed by companies that have invested in our area. Companies such as: IZOSTAL SA, PACKPROFIL  Sp. z o.o., KOLB Sp. z o.o., ELTETE Sp. z o.o. PERI Polska Sp. z o.o., MERCUR Sp. z o.o., ELTETE Sp. z o.o., and PAMAS not only started their activity but also develop their business which indicates that they are provided with optimum conditions for activity. It was also noted by Polish Information and Foreign Agency that granted the award to Kolonowskie Commune in the competition “Ground for a Medal”.

We strongly invite you to Kolonowskie Commune to invest and get some rest.


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