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Cycling tracks by Mała Panew – a loop around Kolonowskie

Brak opisu obrazka    Kolonowskie commune together with self-governments of Zawadzkie, Jemielnica, Dobrodzień, Ozimek, Turawa and Chrząstowice made a communal agreement that aimed at creation and maintenance of a cycling tracks system in Mała Panew river valley.

Long distance tracks No. 18 (red) and 19 (yellow) are the main axis of the system. The track No. 18 goes from Tarnowskie Góry to Opole through Toszek, Jemielnica, Staniszcze Wielkie, Ozimek and Turawa, whereas the track No.19 goes from Tarnowskie Góry to Jelcz-Miłoszyce through Krupski Młyn, Kolonowskie, Turawa and Pokój. Our commune is crossed by other two transit roads: the road No. 27 (yellow) Opole – Daniec – Kolonowskie – Lubliniec – Częstochowa and the road No. 52 (black) Krapkowice – Kamień Śląski – Staniszcze Małe – Olesno – Praszka – Wieluń. Brak opisu obrazka

Thanks to our localisation between Opole city and High-Silesian agglomeration, as well as due to the fact that
we have a good railway connection, we can invite you to take a one-day trip around Kolonowskie commune. We
can take the road No. 163, which is marked blue. A good point of 42,2 km long Kolonowskie loop is the 
possibility of being close to nature – beautiful woods and rivers make us forget of everyday worries. The road No. 163 goes through all the commune localities, where a tired tourist can have a meal and use technical assistance.

Brak opisu obrazka

From Fosowskie, with one of the main railway stations in Opole voivodship, we go westwards. We go past Czarna Dziura, a place where, according to a famous legend, a sunk inn could be found; then we reach Staniszcze Małe. Not far from Granica farmstead, just a few dozen of meters from our commune border, we can find in the area of Krasiejów village an archaeological sensation of international importance – a mine in which remains of dinosaurs have been found. Taking vistas through the woods we arrive at Spórok. One can take a rest there by Ptasi Stawek (“Birds’ Pond”). Before arriving at Staniszcze Wielkie, there is a possibility of taking the road No. 52 to Stoczek. At Stoczek one can try refreshing spring water.Brak opisu obrazka
From Staniszcze Wielkie, we go to Kąty. We may visit there an old hunters’ castle, which is now a social welfare house. Not far from the castle, there is another stopping place. It is situated on an isle at Mała Panew. We continue our trip passing by an environment and landscape complex „Pod Dębami” (“Under Oaks”) with picturesque river meanders and many oaks – monuments of nature.

Brak opisu obrazka

Before we arrive at Regolowiec, a place which used to be a settlement and a centre of iron industry, we shall prepare for a bit of mountain-climbing in the area of another environment and landscape complex „Kocia Góra” (“Cat’s Hill”). Not far from this place there are Stawy Pluderskie with rich, protected fauna. From Regolowiec it is not far to Kolonowskie. Here we shall have a look at old wooden houses. One of them belonged to the management of a local millwork – recently, a regional museum has been founded there. From Kolonowskie, it is not far to our place of destination. On the way we should take a look at buildings of the Town and Commune Council and an evangelical church in Fosowskie, which is next to a cemetery administered by the parish in Staniszcze Wielkie.