27 June 2011


On 25th June, admittedly two days after the actual, but it is most true, was held Midsummer’s eve (Kupała’s Night) in Staniszcze Małe. Everything was right and proper: fire, river and wreaths with candles, dropped on water by girls in love (or not ?...).

Like every event organized in Staniszcze Małe, also that attracted crowds. There was a lot of attractions for all who were waiting for them: inflatable castle, trampoline and competitions for the youngest, small catering for those a little older and rich artistic program. And all of this in the beautiful circumstances of nature :)

On the stage appeared as the first members of Dance Groups: Figiel and Figielek, and right after them Amateur Theatrical Circle from Staniszcze Małe with hilarious sketch about - not necessarily in conformity with the law – disposal of solid impurities. St John’s evening was made pleasant by the Belarusian Folk Song Group from Koźliki called “Reczanka” and another local cabaret. The event ended with dance lasting for a long time past midnight…

More photos from the event in our gallery.


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