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27 June 2011


On 25th June took place next theoretical lessons within the framework of training for the guides of cycling tourism of Mała Panew Valley. The course was organized as one of the project activities called “The development of cycling tracks in the Region Hranicko and Mała Panew Valley – Kolonowskie Commune”. It is co-financed by the Operational Programme of Cross-border Cooperation the Czech Republic – the Republic of Poland 2007 – 2013, in the framework of Objective 3 , Micro-Project Fund in the Euroregion Pradziad.

This time the future guides had the opportunity to use the experience of our Czech partners of the project. This is because the lecture was given by Ms Michaela Skrobankowa – the person responsible for the organization of cycling traffic in the Region Hranicko and at the same time experienced cyclist.

The first part of the lecture was dedicated to cycling track Becva, that is – in Czech – Cyklostezca Bečva. The route is 141 km long and leads from the sources of a river up to its mouth. The whole route is paved and in the most part intended only for cycling traffic. Interesting is the fact that parts of the cycling track in the winter turn into routes for doing cross-country skiing.

The second part of the lecture Ms Skrobankowa dedicated to ways of working with a group in the case of cyclists – so how to attract visitors, what features should have a good cycling guide and how to ensure the safety of the group.

Students undoubtedly benefited from the opportunity to watch so-called “good practices” and – we hope so – will use the Czech experience on our land in the future :) 


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