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17 June 2011


On 16th June a picnic in “Stary Młyn” at Mr and Mrs Drzymałła took place. 40 wards of social clubs from Staniszcze Małe, Fosowskie and Kolonowskie took part in the event. Participants arrived to the farm of Mr and Mrs Drzymałła on bicycles, the younger went in cars with couriers.

In place, many attractions were waiting for them, among others: game of football, badminton, frisbee, canoeing, tug of war. Everyone could also see closely the animals living there: for example horses, fallow deers or play with the puppy. The culmination of the whole event was, of course, barbecue that was impatiently awaited by everyone. Sausages, fresh buns and delicious tea with honey disappeared immediately.

The event was a success and all participants back home safely.


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