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20 December 2011

Zwiastuny 2011

On 19th December in the auditorium of the Community Center in Strzelce Opolskie took place a festive celebration, at which this year’s activity of the Association for Assistance to Disabled Persons SIEDLISKO was summarized. One of the main point of this gala was the ceremony of presentation of statuettes ZWIASTUN 2011 to those who perceive young, mentally disabled people and act to improve their lives. This year the statuette received two laureates – Member of Parliament Ms Janina Okrągły and Mayor of Kolonowskie commune Mr Norbert Koston.

During the gala was also presented to viewers a performance under the title “Oskar” written on the basis of best-selling novel by Eric Emanuel Schmitt’s “Oscar and Mrs Rose”. The actors were volunteers and pupils of the Special Schools from Zawadzkie and Kadłub. 


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