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9 January 2012

Recital that pulled at the heartstrings…

“Send your children to learn music – it is very enriching experience !” in these words ended a recital on last Friday at church in Staniszcze. Those who missed the recital – should regret it ! What are we talking about ? About the New Year’s concert of Monika Skibińska, with the accompaniment of professor Lucyna Glezner-Sun (organ) and the running of Mr Stanisław Rewieński.

We seldom have the opportunity to listen so great chosen repertoire in such beautiful performance. A charming and modest young person, that is Monika Skibińska, has a voice that the most of the listeners simply hypnotized.

Classic carols but also a bit less known musical compositions – though not less beautiful – made the whole church together with the audience slightly raised over the ground and sailed away to the rhythm of sounds. That, of course, a metaphor but such slightly unreal atmosphere prevailed thanks to the very strong mezzo-soprano on that Friday afternoon.

So – “send your children to learn music !” They will enrich themselves and us – the listeners. And thanks to them the world will become more beautiful.


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