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9 January 2012

They represented us in the nationwide final !

The Choir Society “Colnovica” with the modesty characteristic of them – it means not boasting to anyone – qualified for the final of XVIII Nationwide Festival of Christmas Carols in Będzin ! It is a great success because in the regional eliminations, which took place in 32 Polish cities and 3 centres abroad on 8 - 20.12.2011, participated over 15.000 people who were judged by 115 jurors from Poland and foreign countries.

On Saturday – 7th January the final audition was performed in Będzin. This time Colnovica did not win one of three places on the podium, but the competition was fierce ! Choirs and vocal groups came not only from Poland abut also from abroad. But our choir appeared excellent and – what is important – showed that our inhabitants can sing too. And that is how !


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