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16 January 2012

Communal carolling for the 17th time !

On Sunday – 15th January Communal Festival of Christmas Carols took place. This time the event was held in a succursal church in Spórok – it is because from the very beginning of the transitory nature, it means it is organized every year in another church of our community.

As usual, the festival was attended by pupils from schools in Kolonowskie, Fosowskie and Staniszcze Małe and also two performers from the “open” category – Mr. Józef Kotyś and Marta Konieczko.

The level of performances every year is higher, so the organizers do not regret the decision to change the formula of the competition for the festival. Selection of the best performance in the category of choirs, duets and soloists would be practically impossible.

But for an exceptional recognition deserves the passion of all, without exception, performers. Christmas carols performed by them is not just a demonstration of vocal skills – it is also the transfer of a special kind of sensitivity to the listeners that can be formed in a man only by music …


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