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30 January 2012

Events in the village community centres !

This year’s winter holidays came to an end. Children who did not go on the winter camps willingly spent their free time in the village community centre in Staniszcze Małe. In accordance with the announcement in the first week of holidays except widely available games like scrabble, jenga checkers and sport games such floorball, tennis and darts, children participated in group art activities.

On Tuesday – 17th January the participants of the classes were doing greeting cards for grandmother and grandfather, as well as tasteful boxes for chocolates. During creation of greeting cards children gave free rein to their imagination and as a result we could admire the original cards for grandparents with moving flower petals, heart-shaped balloons, etc. Several children, because of their age, attended classes in the company of their mothers. As a result, in the classes participated 14 children and 4 moms.

But on Friday – 20th January during the creative workshops called “Plasticine zoo”, eleven children aged 6-13 were moulding animals in a plasticine that were exhibited at the end on the previously prepared mockup. On the mockup the various zones of vegetation and relief were specified, so that each pet found a place as the most reflecting the environment in which it lives in the wild. Monkey and parrot on a tree, crocodile and seal in water and lion and giraffe on a grassy savannah. Children were impressed with the final result of the creative workshops.

The young people during classes had a gym by the community centre at their disposal, where they played tennis and soccer every day. On Friday – 27th January, children as well as the young people tackled at the tables during the tennis tournament.


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