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14 February 2012

Carnival meeting of pensioners

Polish Association of Retirees Pensioners and Disabled in Kolonowskie organized on 09 February 2012 the carnival meeting in Staniszcze Małe. It all began at the initiative of members of the Association living in Staniszcze Małe… They, in consultation with the village administrator – Mr Edward Kunysz and activists of Village Renewal, invited all to them.

The meeting was attended by 68 people. The village administrator, and also a member of the Association, welcomed newcomers. He presented the achievements of the village, encouraged people to visit two exhibitions that presenting Ms Maria Korzonek’s craft and chronicles of the village kept by Ms Krystyna Kunysz. Guests also admired the vocal and musical skills of Szymon Marzok – schoolboy who attends 6th class.
And like in carnival – dances reigned on the dance floor.


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