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8 April 2013

Retirees from the Polish Association Of Pensioners And Disabled Persons in Kolonowskie met at the reporting meeting in Spórok where were invited by members of the group from this locality. Thanks to this visit seniors could see the seat of the Rural Activity Centre in Spórok and its environment. Some people got sentimental while reminiscing about primary school that was located in this building to the year 2002.
Attendance at the meeting was large: for 124 members, 63 were present. The meeting was attended by invited guests: Mayor of Kolonowskie – Norbert Koston and delegates of the District Administration in Strzelce Opolskie – Stanisław Dłutowski and Józefa Balikowska.
A report on activities for the year 2012 was presented during the meeting. There were also brought up subjects close to each inhabitants, among others: issues connected with new Act On Waste Disposal.
The great cake for all attendees was prepared by ladies from Spórok: Krystyna Deja, Róża Grobarek, Irena Koik, Małgorzata Palus, Krystyna Sprancel and Maria Szolc. In the preparation of auditorium helped: Małgorzata Chlebosz and Edyta Gerlich.

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