19 June 2013


On 3-7 June 2013 a group of pupils from Beilrode visited Kolonowskie commune. This visit took place within the framework of the youth exchange between pupils of our lower secondary school and pupils from Mittelschule Beilrode (Saxony, Germany). The partnership between these schools are cultivated since 2003. This time, we had 13 pupils and 2 tutors as the guests.

Despite bad weather, our guests had many attractions. They visited Kraków. Oświęcim, Opole and our Regional Chamber in Kolonowskie. They played skittles, were in Jurapark in Krasiejów and went to the swimming pool in Olesno. Young people felt very well among Polish friends. They integrated themselves with our pupils. A farewell was difficult but there are plans for another visit.


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