Szczepienia w Kolonowskiem                                               Uwaga! Zmiana dostępności Urzędu Miasta i Gminy Kolonowskie od dnia 2 listopada 2020 r.!


2 July 2013


20 hours of swimming lessons organized by the Socio-Cultural Association of the Germans in the Silesia Province (DFK), branch in Kolonowskie took place from 5th September 2012 to 22nd February 2013. 21 pupils who attend classes I-IV from Public Primary School No 1 in Kolonowskie participated in these lessons. Children were divided into 2 groups: for beginners and intermediate swimmers. The course was conducted by swimming instructors: Ms Weronika Jędros and Mr Paweł Maliniak. From the whole group 5 young participants of this course obtained swimming certificates. 



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